TransPortal Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is TransPortal?

TransPortal allows you to quickly and easily identify the best options for making a trip. The application provides you with tailored trip options based on services available in your area.

How do I change the language of the application?

You can change the language by clicking on the language links in the lower left hand corner of the application. If you are a registered user, you can also set a default language on your travel profile.

Where can I go for more information about the TransPortal?

The home page contains information and links to additional TransPortal information.

How can I report an issue with TransPortal?

Contact the TransPortal team via email.

If you are a registered user, you can also get help planning trips and managing your account.

Trip Planning

The Trip Planning tool allows you to plan a trip using locations, dates, times, modes, and other factors. Based on the information you enter, the tool will provide potential trip options.


The "Trip" planning page is where you enter the details of the trip that you want to take. For example, where you are going, when you are going, what modes of transportation you would consider taking.

What transportation modes can I plan trips using?

TransPortal plans trips using the following modes of transportation:

Why do I need to give the purpose of my trip?

Some services only provide trips for certain purposes, like medical visits or grocery trips. When you provide the purpose of your trip, TransPortal can determine whether you are eligible for certain services.

How do I set the from and to locations of my trip?

The from and to locations can be defined by typing an address or place of interest. You can also locate a saved place from a list or use the flag tool to select a location on the map.

I have a place that I will be travelling to/from frequently. Is there a way for me to save it?

Yes! If you register for an account, you can save frequently used places for reuse.


Some trip services may only be available if you meet certain eligibility criteria (e.g. age, disability status, trip type). There may also be certain accommodations (e.g., door-to-door service, need to travel with a folding wheelchair) you need. The Options page within the Trip Planning tool allows you to define your eligibility and required accommodations.

Why was the Options page not shown as part of the workflow?

The Options page is only displayed if you requested Paratransit as a mode on the Trip page.

Why do I need to answer these questions?

The questions help determine your eligibility for certain services and ask about any accommodations that you might need. Your answers are used to determine the Paratransit services that best meet your needs.

What happens if I don't answer the questions?

If you do not answer the eligibility questions on this page, TransPortal will require you to answer any relevant questions prior to selecting certain trip options.

If you do not answer questions about necessary accommodations, TransPortal will not be able to tell you if a service might be unable to meet your needs.


Multiple trip itineraries are displayed for departing and returning (if returning trip is requested) legs of your trip based on the information you enter.

How can I see more details about a displayed trip itinerary?

To see a summary of the trip itinerary, hover your mouse over the displayed trip itinerary colored bar. On a touchscreen device, tap the bar.

To see the full details of the trip itinerary, click the displayed trip itinerary colored bar. On a touchscreen device, double-tap the bar. If you are using the application without a mouse, tab to an option and press Spacebar to view details.

I only want to see certain kinds of trips--how can I hide the ones that I'm not interested in?

On the left side of the Review page, you can filter the trip itineraries by mode, number of transfers, cost, and time.

How do I select the departing and returning trip itineraries?

Click or tap the "Select" button to the right of the departing and returning trip itineraries you'd like to select.

Why do some trip itineraries have question marks instead of Select buttons?

If a Paratransit service used for a specific trip itinerary has eligibility requirements and you have not answered the relevant questions, you will have to answer those questions before proceeding. Click the "?" button to the right of the trip itinerary and answer these questions to proceed. These questions can also be answered on the "Options" page or on your travel profile.

What do I do if my trip returns no itineraries/no itineraries that will work for me?

You can use the "Feedback" button in the upper right of the page to send feedback about trips.

I want to change something about my trip or my answers to the questions. How can I do this?

Under the logo in the upper left of the page, there are links that will take you back to each step in the trip planning process. Here you can make edits and re-plan your trip.


The Plan page displays the details of the selected trip. You can print or email the details from here.

I planned a trip that requires booking in advance. How do I do this?

You can book trips by contacting the service's provider.

How can I save this trip so that I can plan it again?

When you register for an account with TransPortal, all trips that you plan are automatically saved to "My Trips". You can access these when you log in.

User Account

Why should I register for a user account?

Registering gives you access to additional features. These include:

How do I register for a user account?

You can register for a user account using the "Create an Account" link found in the "Welcome, Visitor" menu.

My Travel Profile

Your travel profile stores your contact details, preferred language, transportation modes, buddies, and authorized agencies. It also stores the answers you have provided to eligibility and accommodation questions.

How do I change the information on my travel profile?

You can change your travel profile information by clicking the "Edit" button in the upper right corner of the page. Don't forget to apply your changes when you are done editing.

Why do I need to answer Eligibility and Accommodations questions?

This section allows you to save your answers to the questions asked on the Trip Planning "Options" page.

What are agencies and why would I approve one on my profile?

Agencies are organizations with staff who can assist you in planning trips or managing your TransPortal user account. You must add an agency on your travel profile for its agents to be able to assist you.

How can I revoke an agency"s permission to see my information and plan trips for me?

You can revoke an agency's privileges at any time by editing your travel profile. Simply uncheck their name in the "Agencies" section.

What is a buddy?

A buddy is a friend, family member or other caregiver who is allowed to plan trips on your behalf or on whose behalf you are allowed to plan trips.

How can I make someone my buddy?

Both you and your buddy must have TransPortal user accounts. If this person is not already registered with TransPortal, ask them to create an account.

If you want someone to be able to plan trips for you, you can add them as a buddy when you are editing your travel profile. Use the "Add" button that appears in the "Buddies" section while you are editing. Enter the email address that your buddy used to register for TransPortal. A buddy request will be sent. Be sure to save your profile changes.

If someone wants you to plan trips for them, ask them to send you a buddy request. When editing your travel profile, you can accept (or request) that request in the "Buddies" section next to their name.

How can I revoke a buddy's ability to plan trips for me?

You can revoke a buddy"s privileges at any time by editing your profile. Simply revoke their buddy status in the "Buddies" section.

My Trips

As a registered user, all trips that you plan are saved to your user account.

How do I view my trips?

When logged in as a registered user, click he "My Trips" link in the "Welcome" menu to see scheduled and past trips.

How can I replan a trip that I have taken?

After a trip has been taken, you can use the "Replan" button in the "Actions" column to replan that trip. Don't forget to reset the dates/times for the trip.

How can I provide feedback about a trip I have taken?

By clicking the "Feedback" button next to the trip you would like to comment on, you can provide feedback about the trip, the service you travelled with, or an agency that assisted you.

Why can't I see the feedback that I just left?

All feedback needs to be approved before it shows up on the TransPortal site.

My Places

You can store regular trip origins (e.g., your home) and destinations (e.g., your workplace, your hospital) in "My Places".

How are my saved places used?

When you are planning a trip, you can start typing the name of one of your saved places. Selecting the name will automatically load the saved address.

How do I view my places?

When logged in as a registered user, you can see your saved locations by clicking the "My Trips" link in the "Welcome" menu.

How do I save a new place?

When viewing your "My Places" page, you can add a new place by entering the address, selecting the correct option from the list of addresses that appears below the field, and then entering a name for your new place. When you are done, click "Save". The place then appears in your "My Places" list and on the map.


How can I get assistance using the application?

If you are having difficulty with the application, contact one of your local agencies. An agent can help you book a trip and/or set up an account. If you already have an account, you can give any of these agencies permission to plan trips on your behalf.

As a registered user, you can also ask other registered users to be your buddies so that they can help plan trips for you.